Dennis Kruissen Boeken


Dennis Kruissen boeken?

Via StudentEvent kun je vanaf nu Dennis Kruissen boeken!

Dennis Kruissen is one of the leading Melodic/Tropical/Deephouse DJs, based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
A few years ago his mixtapes started to turn some heads across Europe, he was one of the first DJs to introduce a whole new sound in the dance scene. After performing at some great venues and festivals he started his career as a producer, in 2014 he had some big online hits with the tracks ‘Alien’ and ‘Ayo Technology’ with fellow producers Sam Feldt and De Hofnar. From then on Dennis was on a roll and kept on producing online bangers like ‘You’ve Got the Love’ and ‘Shackles’, reaching millions of plays.
This is just the beginning for Dennis, a lot of great music coming up! Keep your eyes on him, because he’s on a mission and is unstoppable!

Naast het boeken van Dennis Kruissen denken wij graag mee over de verdere invulling van jullie programma.
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Dennis Kruissen