MC NAS-T Boeken


MC NAS-T boeken?

Via StudentEvent kun je MC NAS-T boeken! Young, wild & free is what perfectly describes MC Nas-T. Born in Suriname he got acquainted with different cultures and music styles, and developed a passion for music. A true entertainer is what people say if they see him perform live. With a blast of positive energy and his charisma he takes his performance to a whole other level. He got the talent to not only host an event, but also interact with the people and entertain them like they want to be entertained.
He performed at festivals and events such as Dance at the park, Salvationz, R&B Sunday, Offcourse, Meet The Streets, House of MuChique, Pure Pressure and many, many more. Looking at his differs roster MC Nas-T is a chameleon that can captivate every crowd!

Naast het boeken van MC NAS-T denken wij graag mee over de verdere invulling van jullie programma.
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